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(Vanellus vanellus)

This bird is truly striking with its smart black and white livery and irredescent plumage. I observed this bird repeatedly stamping a foot and cocking its head to one side, presumably listening for movement before stabbing the ground with its beak once the prey is located.


Window 52 x 12cm Mount 65 x 28cm

Edition of 125

Puss moth and caterpillar

(Cerura vinula)

This painting shows two puss moths freshly emerged from their cocoons, in which they have overwintered. These are made on tree trunks or wood posts and are toughened by the incorporation of chewed wood. The striking caterpillars grow to over two inches feeding on poplar and willow.


Window 24 x 37cm Mount 36 x 50cm

Edition of 125


(Vipera berus)

The inspiration for this painting came from watching the adders on emergence from their hibernation sites on a local heath. They sometimes like to lie in huddles and this painting contains more than those immediately obvious.


Window 35 x 19cm Mount 50 x 36cm

Edition of 125

Australian Gothic

Emus (Dromaius novaehollandiae)

Once completed this painting reminded me of Grant Woods painting American Gothic, hence the title.


Window 29 x 40cm Mount 41 x 54cm

Edition of 125


(Acinonyx jubata)

The worlds fastest land animal reaching from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 3 seconds. The Cheetah inhabits grasslands in Eastern and South Western Africa, where it is unfortunatly under increasing pressure from human encroachment into it's habitat.


Window 40 x 29cm Mount 54 x 41cm

Edition of 125

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