Lisa Treadwell naturally inspired art


As I sit and try to stir my cranial stagnation, I am distracted by a buzzard drawing a steady circle in the sky over a neighbour's house. A good momentary distraction from a task I do not relish, to put forth my case of how passionate I am and what is inspiration for my art? The sighting of a buzzard is always a pleasure and to see one over a housing estate on the edge of the city is a positive incursion. Wildlife provides a counter to the material unnatural of the human world. It pricks the dull fabric of an everyday existence with a dash or a flash of bright colour in the corner of our eye, provides soft and soothing backcloths of nurturing greens, sets a drama in changing panoramas of skies. Nature heralds renewed hope in breaking buds, spawn and eggs fresh laid - paving the way for summers full of song and flushed with flowers, running lush with growth of plants, animals, insects and all life striving to thrive.

The more you open up to the natural world the more you are privy to. Amazing encounters -a close brush with a trio of kingfishers in a frenzied chase; in desperation a sparrow hawk brings down a barn owl on a day crusted with crystals of frost from a week of biting cold. The owl escapes from under the hawk's clutches after being momentarily pinned to the ground motionless. Starlings united to move as one, so clever they perform a dance in the sky. A dragonfly expanding into a new aerial incarnation. Glistening jewels of cranberry against a miniature moist forest of moss; dense spiny banks of dark green complemented with bold punches of vibrant yellow flowers on frosted winter days; gorse provides generous rewards for early pollinators. Optimistic froths of blackthorn blossom, when spring is still fickle with the weather it brings. Pin pricks of fresh youthful green dot dark twigs, a tease of inspiration for what is to come. A flaming spark enlivens the air, flaps as it floats, lands in a dry drift of leaves, and now it is not so easy to see, scalloped edges and chequered wings are all of a sudden subtle.

So what is it that inspires me? All of this and a desire to squeeze the quintessential drops of deliciousness from sable bristles of a beautifully crafted tool that sits in my hand alert and poised to deliver my washes, dashes and splashes of colour - glorious, luscious, subtle, glowing, muted, resplendent colour.

Copyright © LisaTreadwell 2018

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