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(Papillio machaon)

A rare butterfly restricted to the Norfolk Broads. On a sunny June day I was pleased to observe many individuals flying from a sedge bed to nectar on the meadow thistle along a ride in the Bure Valley National Nature Reserve.


Window 17 x 23cm Mount 27 x 35cm

Edition of 125


(Goneptryx rhamni)

A striking butterfly on the wing, but with the wings folded it appears as a leaf merging into the habitat. One of the earliest butterflies to be on the wing, it hibernates for the winter as an adult. The eggs are laid on buckthorn, the caterpillars food plant (the woody plant in the painting). This butterfly occurs in a variety of habitats where ever the larval food plant grows. The adults are shown nectaring on marsh thistle as I saw them at Upton Fen, Norfolk.

Speckled Wood

(Pararge aegeria)

A subtle butterfly, blending into the light dappled woodland and hedgerow habitat it prefers. On close inspection the speckled wood has a rich brown and cream colouration, like these two very fresh looking individuals.


Window 15 x 20cm Mount 17 x 32cm

Edition of 125

Small pearl bordered Fritillary

(Boloria selene)

I found these butterflies on Claife Heights in Cumbria in late June. They like the open wet boggy areas in amongst the forestry, laying eggs on marsh and common violets. The painting shows them nectaring on marsh thistle and water dropwort.


Window 25 x 34cm Mount 27 x 36cm

Edition of 125

White Admiral

(Limenitis camilla)

The white admiral is a most graceful butterfly. To search for them involves looking into the wider habitat, as they spend much time in the tree canopy. Periodically they glide down to nectar on bramble flowers.


Window 25 x 39cm Mount 38 x 52cm

Edition of 125

Red Admiral

(Vanessa atalanta)

This painting was inspired from watching these butterflies feeding on ivy flowers on a fine Septembers day.


Window 16 x 16cm Mount 28 x 29cm

Edition of 250

Small Tortoiseshell

(Aglais urticae)

This simple design was inspired from watching butterflies on a buddleja bush in the garden.


Window 20 x 15cm Mount 32 x 28cm

Edition of 250


(Polygonia c-album)

I love the scalloped wing edges and range of subtle cryptic colouration on the underside of the wing. By contrast the upper wings are vibrant and eye catching both in flight and when resting with wings out spread.


Window 14 x 19cm Mount 27 x 30cm

Edition of 125

Silver-studded Blue

(Plebejus argus)

These butterflies were very active on a south facing slope on Thursley Common.


Window 18 x 19cm Mount 30 x 31cm

Edition of 50

Brown argus

(Aricia agestis)

On a sunny but windy day I observed these small butterfies keeping close to the ground in a scrub sheltered enclave on Magdalen Hill Down. Curving her abdomen around a female deposited eggs onto rock rose.

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